“A wise man once said nothing.”


  • Kindly Guide Me

    Kindly Guide Me

    Honestly, I consider myself mediocre at my job all because I never went ahead and learnt the nuances within my acquired skillset. And I feel it is now time that start honoring what I have given so much time, effort and sweat to – my career. I’m now reskilling from scratch like a child that…

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  • Where’s the Frolic?

    Where’s the Frolic?

    I want to play. I want to play like there’s no tomorrow. Like I can just collect every ounce of happiness and joy, pack it in a suitcase and carry it with me forever across lifetimes, till that becomes a baggage, and then I shed it and I create another suitcase, but with a different…

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  • I Am All Wind

    I Am All Wind

    The wind whirling around in my room reminds me of how I need silence in my life. This sound of the whirl makes me want to settle down, to feel it whirling, to become the center and simply observe. It makes me want to let it touch me, feel me, sense me, feed me and…

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  • God, Love and Silence

    God, Love and Silence

    Silence. When my spiritual journey started, I was going to some full moon meditation gatherings quite a bit far away from my home. On the way to the events, I would often turn on Om sounds on my headphones and close my eyes in the cab. I used to have significant experiences during those rides…

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  • Yes, I See YOU

    Yes, I See YOU

    Yes, I see you. I see you trying, To unfold yourself, To unfold, And to make sense of the pain that is me. I see you crying, From that very pain, And the ignominy of failure. I see your pain, I fully feel it, For I have it too. And yet you continue, And I…

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  • Yes, I’m Hurt!

    Yes, I’m Hurt!

    Empath – (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. I consider myself an empath. Which means I know that I can safely say that I know most times what’s in someone’s heart. I know how they are feeling aside from the times…

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