“A wise man once said nothing.”


  • Battle of the Sexes, Only… Within!

    Battle of the Sexes, Only… Within!

    Gender issues are not easy to deal with. They question your very existence, your physical structure and if you are capable of rational thought then they especially question the camaraderie between your physical body, the spiritual body and most importantly the mental body.

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  • Thanks Brother!

    Thanks Brother!

    Paul Hinsberger from Idaho and India. Born and brought up in the US, moved to India to marry his sweetheart twin flame.

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  • Pain-ting “The Wall”

    Pain-ting “The Wall”

    He deserved it, but he had never learnt it. He never gave himself enough credit. He was tough, but fragile. He was fast, but slow. He was high, but low. He was talking, yet silent. He was near, but distant. He was calm, yet angry. He was gifted, but rejected. He was true, but falsified.…

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  • A Letter to the Lost

    A Letter to the Lost

    Hey Hello, Please accept my gratitude as I reach out to your spirits. I don’t know what to call you for I am still in human flesh. Brothers/Sisters/Sons/Daughters but I feel these designations are unnecessary for what I’m about to tell you and also wouldn’t exist in your realm to where you’ve retreated. I know…

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  • Preference


    Have you ever wondered why you have preferences? Or let’s just put it the crude way – why do you dislike someone or something? What inside you is causing this bias? a. Is it your unrelenting necessity to lead a socially acceptable life? Some of you won’t understand the previous sentence, so let me explain…

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