Yes, I See YOU

Yes, I see you.

I see you trying,

To unfold yourself,

To unfold,

And to make sense of the pain that is me.

I see you crying,

From that very pain,

And the ignominy of failure.

I see your pain,

I fully feel it,

For I have it too.

And yet you continue,

And I see that too.

You continue to love,




That someday I’ll get around to loving you too.

Guess this is some kind of relationship too.

For I’m rendered incapable of loving this way.

I know it must be tiring for you,

And I see that you are,

For it takes a huge heart,

To care in the ways that you do.

I see you trying,

To leave this world behind,

To have me all for you,

But ain’t it true,

That while you may want to quit the world for me,

The world won’t quit on you?

I see the love,

That people have for you,

And yet you choose me.

With my words, my worlds,

That are incomprehensible.

How will they make sense to you,

When I can’t make sense of them too.

And yet I see you,

Going that extra mile,

That extra painful step,

Drinking the tears that well up with every sting.

I won’t know,

Whether to call you a fool,

Or to thank you for the effort,

Trying to dissipate my pain,

And making our hearts sing,

The song that will unify us,

The beat that we will tap to,

Making this cold angry world a slightly better place.


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