Oh Mother

I stand here to seek your forgiveness.
I have failed you.
In my eyes, I have failed you,
In my ears, I have failed you,
In my words, I have failed you,
In my touch, I have failed you,
I truly don’t understand you.
Please forgive me.

Pain-ting “The Wall”

He deserved it, but he had never learnt it. He never gave himself enough credit. He was tough, but fragile. He was fast, but slow. He was high, but low. He was talking, yet silent. He was near, but distant. He was calm, yet angry. He was gifted, but rejected. He was true, but falsified. He was giving unconditionally, but was being received conditionally. He was laughing, but crying. He wanted an ear, but found no voice. He saw, but found everything invalidated inside his head. He was the epitome of living breathing dichotomy. Why?