Invitation to the Conscious Men

What am I if I am not my name or social status or a father or a mother or a brother or a friend? Do I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it when I’m doing it? Why am I here?

My life has started to revolve around these questions more and more as I’ve started to face myself – in front of the mirror, in front of a begging child with no legs, in front of the stray animal that needs me more than I can ever understand. I call this “becoming conscious”. Conscious of myself, my fellow earthlings, the nature, the universe and the laws that govern us. I tend to believe when many a scientists discover something in nature, they aren’t doing it out of necessity. They are doing it out of curiosity that has them spellbound to that one moment when their question will be answered. But did they ever really know the question fully? More often than not, don’t they get more than what they bargained for? That’s nature, the feminine aspect of our existence, that is forever prepared to give to its children. The curiosity however, and the action ensuing it, is masculine – an eternal desire to do, accomplish, prove, manifest. Each feeling within us all has a masculine and a feminine attached to it.

Ever since these parts were discovered, brought forward to our conscious minds and made available for study, it was found that the world has grown incredibly masculine, maniacally power hungry to the point of toxicity that needs urgent attention, to the point that it doesn’t understand the feminine at all. There is a crisis brewing and we don’t know what to do about it at all. And hence, the world today is diving deep into the feminine energy of the planet, tapping into its reserves to find out what it means to truly feel ourselves, our skin, our emotions and remaining true to our most authentic essence.

However this message needs to reach people who are currently unaware of who they truly are. This task has been taken up by a few people, chosen by the spirit itself, and those who’ve made it a goal of their lives to teach masculine and feminine to the world. One amongst those rare ones is Neelam Nanwani. She has extensive experience of teaching the feminine to women and has helped them remind themselves of their feminine essence and helped embody it too. While several have taken up the task of teaching the feminine to the female, she has decided to work with the males too and teach them how to discover and embody their own forgotten femininity.

Here is what she has to say –

I see most men disconnected from their feminine essence. They may be good intuitively and possess amazing psychic/spiritual gifts but yet each man is unable to emote and EXPRESS what he is truly feeling.

He is Not ok to receive, unable to express his hurt or even love, not ok with chaos or conflict, driven by patriarchal definitions of being a man, unable to Express his heart, his weakness and his vulnerability, he is driven by what society expects of a man to be.

He worships the goddess but truly doesn’t understand Her.

He longs to be a good son, a good father, a good husband… But what is this good? Is it good for his own soul, his own body, his own heart????

His words, actions, doing is all driven by the masculine and that too is also wounded because a man who has not yet understood and integrated the feminine will be a wounded man and will continue operating out of wounded masculine, no matter what.

What goes on in his body and heart? Is he able to voice it fearlessly? Share it with what he is going through and churning with? How difficult it is for a man to share his heart with the other and talk about his feelings and emotions? The only emotion most men understand and embody is anger (many a times).

He is finding answers but is lost not knowing many a times where to look and how to begin. Will he look at the Divine Mother for help and leading the way. Can he truly trust and surrender??

Is a man ok with the unknown and chaos within himself? Can he express to his friend, teacher, acquaintance, client, partner, wife, mother – how incomplete does he feel within and what is that something amiss?

The Divine Mother beckons . Will he listen ? To be guided, to he HELD, to break down, to cry his pain out??

Will he allow?? Will he beckon to my invitation??

Along with Neelam, I invite all of you to join this incredibly powerful path breaking journey for all men, call to discover your feminine essence and in turn realize our divine masculine too –

Registration Link – Invitation to the Conscious Man

Invitation to the Conscious Man- Dec 12,13,19,20. 4pm to 7 pm IST.

Please share this forward with as many men as you know. We never know when and how and where we plants a seed.

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