This is about a video about COMMITMENT –

I have 2 cents about it that I wish to share. The video hits really hard because it pits ego against commitment. Ego will always drive you to pleasure and self-preservation – both of whom don’t hold any negative connotation until they are abused.

To bring my observations into perspective, these are few messages I’ve been receiving from the universe lately – that I have to stop running into the doors that I’ve left behind just for pleasure or the ease of achieving things. I discussed the video with a friend too and after we put our heads together into the meaning of that video, here’s what I came up with –

That there can be 2 types of commitments – to the present and to the future.

Commitment to the future is something that requires an energy exchange, in that, the commitment is towards a goal and if there is a goal, there is a sense of achievement and the ensuing sense of being rewarded too – basically we treat commitment as another person from whom we expect a barter for your commitment.

Commitment to the present though cannot possibly come from sense of being rewarded later and hence, comes with no added burden of anxiety and expectation. It comes from a sense of love, a feeling that simply makes you ACT.

Both types of commitments bring you joy but the joy from the commitment to the future will remain short lived while the joy from the commitment to the present persists and prevails.

I think I’ll write more about it when I think more about it but till then, please let me know how you feel about the video and its message.

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