Who am I?

As I was running towards an object I saw falling from the sky, I realized while I was running towards it, there was another one, just like it, following me. I was confused and stopped – completely losing focus on the object I had been chasing. I looked around in wonderment. There was a lot of smoke from the burning bushes and as some of it cleared, a figure appeared. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it before. It kept shifting and morphing into different shapes, with particles flying, from what I could possibly imagine, was trying to emulate my shape. Finally, I found myself stable enough to concentrate harder on the gaseous mass. It seemed in a strange way it was looking like me but all disintegrated and yet cohesive. Oh yeah, it was definitely not from around here and was definitely not from among us.

I asked – “What are you? And who are you?”

It seemed it understood me using that medium of communication. It seemed to bubble up, elated, its feelings rising from what could be called its center, turning it pink. It had found a means to be able to communicate with me. It seemed colorless for most part but parts of it did exhibit colors that I could recognize. It seemed to be able to understand what I was thinking but finding it hard to make me understand it. It seems it was from another dimension altogether. Then I thought maybe it needed more fodder to be able to emulate me. So I instead continued answering the very questions I had asked it.

“Hello. I am human and we call this “Planet Earth”. I belong to the male gender of this planet and we are called M-E-N. The other portion of humans are the female gender and they are called W-O-M-E-N. Men and women are 2 ways our genes define us. We are surrounded with plants and trees and animals who lead a life in co-existence with us.”

I went on.

“To explain to you better, I am one of the vessels of universal energy just as you are. We are 3 dimensional beings and I can clearly say that you are not. I live on Earth, breathe air, eat food given to me by Mother Earth and I can never be more thankful for all the gifts I receive every moment from my Mother. I am made to do more than I currently do for Mother to make it a healthy exchange of energy. However, I can proudly yet humbly say that I am learning every day and every moment of my existence in this earthly vessel. I am learning how to be a better human and in turn a better man.”

And its color change to an Orange probably emulating the color of the sunset at the horizon. It seemed it was learning too because I could feel its energy mellowing down. It seemed more at ease and yet he seemed to be trying to understand the energies around it. It would often shift and swerve and it could see or feel something that I couldn’t. I could understand so I continued –

“What you’re experiencing are probably some of the energies that remain with us on Earth after they depart from their vessel like mine. They do that because they are still serving their attachments to their time here on Earth. I see them too sometimes and feel them too. They are always communicating and egging me to go ahead.”

And then HE said –


I was stunned! Uttering the word was a challenge for him but not the sound. He was trying and I knew I was safe. Mother Earth had given me this opportunity and I couldn’t be more grateful. He was feeling me and I could suddenly feel him too and I said – “I am a son of my Mother Earth and Father Sky and I serve them and in turn, serve the people. I am connected with nature as much as you are and I honor your presence and I honor your word. I am love. I am compassion. I am a receiver and a giver. I am strong yet soft. I am made of all that is the Universe. And I thank the universe, my masters, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sky, Ether, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Planets, the Cosmos, everything within and beyond, known and unknown. A-ho!”

And he replied calmly and sternly –


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