“A wise man once said nothing.”


  • My Childhood Traits

    My Childhood Traits

    In my last post, I talked about the Loyal Soldier and how it needs to be brought home, welcomed, loved endlessly and molded to reflect and help us with our current reality than the battles it has fought before with us. I believe our subconscious is built up of every learning, every survival strategy that…

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  • The Loyal Soldier

    The Loyal Soldier

    According to Soulcraft (by Bill Plotkin), we develop 4 types of sub-personalities with our experiences in our lives – The Loyal Soldier The Wounded Child The Wild Child The Loving Parent Today I’ll talk about the loyal soldier. A loyal soldier embodies our social, psychological and physical survival instincts when we are young, around the…

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  • My N.U.T.S.

    My N.U.T.S.

    N.U.T.s = Non-negotiable, Unalterable Terms (From the book: Hold on to your NUTS by Wayne Levine), although truth be told, as of today, I’ve not yet read the book. I’ve always felt I’m a free bird and fully capable of surviving alone (when it comes to it). I’ve been given graciously and abundantly, whatever I’ve…

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  • My Inner Child – Family

    My Inner Child – Family

    Close your eyes. Hold your intention to find a memory that disturbs you the most. Breathe deeeeeeeep and releeeeeeease. Relaaaaaxx! While for many of us, these would be a fleeting reel, for me this is a looooong tortuous tape. Really long, so long that if I dig deeper into them any further, I could create…

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  • Who am I?

    Who am I?

    As I was running towards an object I saw falling from the sky, I realized while I was running towards it, there was another one, just like it, following me. I was confused and stopped – completely losing focus on the object I had been chasing. I looked around in wonderment. There was a lot…

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  • Commitment


    This is about a video about COMMITMENT – I have 2 cents about it that I wish to share. The video hits really hard because it pits ego against commitment. Ego will always drive you to pleasure and self-preservation – both of whom don’t hold any negative connotation until they are abused. To bring my…

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