All Hope is NOT yet lost

I loved you.

I love you.

I’ll forever love you.

I missed you.

I miss you.

I’ll forever miss you.

I saw you.

I see you.

I’ll never see you again.

I heard you.

I can’t hear you.

I’ll never hear you again.

I felt you.

I feel you.

I’ll forever feel you. You are an eternal part of me dear soulmate.

I hugged you. You loved my hug.

I can’t hug you anymore. I don’t have any more of that luxury.

You were my exit. You aren’t any more.

Instead; you exited.

I didn’t deserve you.

Yet you were there for me, always, thru thick and thin.

I owe you an immense debt for you tried to break my soul free.

I hope your soul stays with me forever, looking after me from above the skies where the free winds would caress your hair, make you smile, sing and hold my hand.

Hopefully again.

See you in my next life because I know we are destined to be together.


I promise you; it won’t be fun and games then.

See you again my dear shining light.

No one can ever match you.

Your positivity, cheerfulness and immense love for everyone will forever be an example for me.

I wish I had told you this before.

Maybe this would have pulled you back to us.

No more and this is the only regret I’ll forever have.

I lost you. I didn’t see this coming.

Maybe you did and yet you never got a chance to bid goodbye.

You are my most effervescent dew drop,

My dear Ritika!

You are the world’s greatest brightest shining star,

Dear Tara!

I seek your forgiveness for all I may have done wrong to you,

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I seek your love and care from the great beyond, where I know you are just as you were – the light and language of empathy and unconditional love!

I am nothing more than a destroyed, ruined and rotting shell of a man without you for a huge part of my soul has already left with you.

I hope you understand if I say I want to join you soon. This place holds no meaning for me anymore. The one person who I envisioned standing with, by and for me for my time on Mother Earth has abandoned me and it is a heartache the like I’ve never felt.

You lived your life on your own terms, never a shade of grey. You never fooled yourself and always followed love no matter which form and way it came – humans, animals, plants, flowers, nature, laughter, colors, sounds, sensations – they were all the same to you.

Never a girl to skip excitement and pleasure, you lived life literally like each day was the end.

And yet a part of you feared death. Trust me baby, everyone is scared of death. And death was the only way you would ever have stopped.

You had such a beautiful mind, the colors, the shapes, your creations, were your soul’s embodiment in the truest form.

Your heart was like a child’s, exploring, learning, playing, gathering, collecting, joining, breaking, re-joining, like it was made of wet clay.

You appreciated and encouraged all forms of life, lights, sounds, colors, the highs and lows, the pains and pleasures, never have I seen a person like you and I’m not sure if I’ll ever meet one in my remaining life.

You were so unbiased and believed in “just be yourself, however, whenever, whatever”. Never once did I find you judging others.

I love you. And I’m lucky to have gotten a chance to love you, cherish you, realize that there is beauty in this world albeit sparse. Beauty I can believe in and look forward to.

I thank you for being all that you were for me; all that you could be, in your time, space and comfort.

I thank you from all the world that you made it a better place, just by being all that you could be in such a short time.

I pray to you to be with me forever and ever, holding me, guiding me and meeting me again.

I pray to you to show me the purpose of my life and be there to support me thru and thru from wherever you are.

You were my hope.

You are my hope.

You will always be my hope.

All hope is not yet lost.

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