My N.U.T.S.

N.U.T.s = Non-negotiable, Unalterable Terms (From the book: Hold on to your NUTS by Wayne Levine), although truth be told, as of today, I’ve not yet read the book.

I’ve always felt I’m a free bird and fully capable of surviving alone (when it comes to it). I’ve been given graciously and abundantly, whatever I’ve needed. I’ve always felt I’m a bit of this and bit of that, never truly tying myself with boundaries of any sorts because I hate boundaries as they limit me. I’ve always believed that if I do not open myself fully to the universe, I’ll never receive the best that I can have. I consciously try and never bog myself down with ideas and theories that people follow or are commonplace and remain open to all perceptions. And this means that I’m divided into many things/people and don’t fully commit to any one of them. So much so that, I’ve often let myself down by not having fully committed to many things that, I now feel, were indeed very important. This theory of mine, is probably good for people who are not bound by people/relationships/things they can’t handle and that are incapable of change. These types of people have a tendency to limit themselves and, in turn, they drag you into patterns that aren’t good for your soul. And if these patterns are not recognized, they can really inhibit growth on all fronts of a human life, one of which is mine.

But lately, the powers that be, have been guiding me to define and redefine myself. They’ve been telling me that I can’t remain gray or in layman’s terms, in limbo. I have to choose a color and they will then start to play around with it, in turn, providing me with further more colors and hence, experiences. I’m making a lot of changes to myself. I’m trying to keep the people/things/relationships/commitments that choke me, at a clear distance from me. I’ll only involve them in my life when I truly need them and that I need to honor my calling to become self reliant, to prepare for survival yet again for a different life that I’m not sure about and I really don’t know what it is and will be.

In this preparation, I’m being prepared by the universe itself in conjunction with the masters and elders who are watching over me. Although the progress is gradual, I’m slowly losing poisonous people. I’m addicted to some substances which I’m pretty sure will leave me when the time comes. I allow myself the freedom to give up anything and everything that hinders my progress on my soul path. And in this redefining phase, I am to allow myself the freedom to fully explore myself – spiritually, physically, mentally. And while I understand that I may have to break apart and form again and again, I’m pretty sure universe has already prepared me for that.

To fully explore myself, I also need to know the best and the worst of me. And I allow myself the freedom to list down and honor my properties that are my N.U.T.S. These are how I present myself to the world and if I fail to honor these, I become a spiteful turd. So lets start –

  1. I love fully and responsibly.
  2. I can’t see my people get hurt even if I don’t like them.
  3. I honor truth and I hate liars and manipulators.
  4. I am committed to my music and instruments.
  5. Air is my dearest buddy and it often brings me messages by acting as a medium.
  6. I never expect myself to be fully understood and I’m perfectly fine with people who don’t understand me or don’t put any effort into understanding me.
  7. My work is only my means to earn a living and nothing else and I fully honor it and commit to it.
  8. I love walking, reading, writing and instrumental music.
  9. I strongly believe my problems are my problems and I go to great lengths to keep it that way. But I do seek help in case I fail at resolving them.
  10. I believe in multiverses and aliens and that Shiva is the greatest Shaman ever!
  11. I practice gratitude daily in many forms and at every chance I get.
  12. I’m fully committed to mend my conditioning.
  13. I respect all humans, whoever and whatever they are.
  14. I believe all humans have arrived on Mother Earth in this vessel containing their soul and all of them have predefined lessons to learn during their lives here.

So what are your N.U.T.S.?

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