My Model

Hello Earth Being!

We’ve brought you here to know how you develop your character during your role in the movie called “Life On Earth”.

Do you have a role model?

Then how do think were you morally guided?

My only philosophy has been to never hurt anyone or anything. To never attempt disturbing an equilibrium. In the time I don’t spend and the effort I don’t waste on disturbing the equilibrium, I have always tried to remain peaceful and improve daily. Internet has helped me a lot in raising my awareness about issues and improving my knowledge and perception about the world around me.

Have you had any mentors/teachers/guides?
I have over the past 4 years ever since I found out that I am spiritually bent. I had been writing on various agendas before that, never realizing that my issues were mostly worldly and I needed to work more on myself to really emancipate me from my miseries. Through my ex-wife, I found Vidisha Kaushal who works using Louise Hay’s methods and some other modalities. She first introduced me to a world where I felt valid. It was as if I was born to be there rather than where I had been living. Through her I was introduced to Mana who is a shamanic practitioner herself. She validated a lot of my beliefs when I was first diagnosed with gender dysphoria. She helped me to know that the path I was choosing for myself may not necessarily have been the one to make me do more for Mother Earth. Through her, I got to know shamanic work and how grounded it feels to be around it and feel it and I instantly felt that that was to be my way in the future. She then guided me to Paul and Neelam and the rest is history.

So you never had any mentors or teachers whom you modeled after?
If you ask me whether I was guided by anyone before 2015, NO! I was always alone, fighting my way through my issues without family support. It is always hard when family members do not support your way of thinking and being the elder son, I was never supported and always had to find my way the hard way – getting hurt and learning, being betrayed, suffocated. But I was gifted with music since my early childhood. The songs I heard, the language I read – each of them creating my future and furthering my gifts from early days. Nothing except music has remained through my struggles and I believe it has found new ways to get to me, teach me humility. That I am so small like nothing and my endeavor to get in touch with it are the most rewarding and satisfying. Music has come to me as songs and the instruments I’ve learned especially drums. They changed my life. They’ve given me a new direction and a new dimension. And I remain humbly thankful to sounds and its medium – air for having made me feel and nurture my connection to nature and Mother Earth and make it more profound.

I do thank my school teachers and will forever remain thankful to them for having taught me and teaching me a new meaning of the word responsibility. Especially Jacinta Kent who taught me English. Even though she never gave me anything more than 65 out of 100, I felt the best because 65 was the most she ever gave in her subject to anyone. The way she would make me feel good because I was a good orator and could write pretty well. I have forever remain gifted with the gift of writing.

Most of my spiritual knowledge can be attributed to my penchant to read books. I can read just about anything till it is grammatically correct. I learnt about masters from Ruzbeh Barucha. I learnt connection to nature from Mana. The rest about me have been my observations and lessons themselves and I thank the universe for having helped further the journey of my soul by learning these lessons. I also thank Spirit Science channel on YouTube and many others to further my initiation on my path. I thank Vidisha Kaushal for having taught me Sound Healing (level 1 and 2) and for providing me with the quote – “Empower Yourself”. I thank Paul and Neelam to have provided me a path on which I can walk proudly and fearlessly just BEing myself. I am learning everyday – through the sights, sounds and the feels. I thank my ex-wife to have taught me love, acceptance, courage, speech, and having provided me the space to help me grow. We grew apart but after having taught and helped each other to no ends. We provided more lessons to each other than anyone ever could or would. My parents taught me to be responsible and undemanding and I humbly thank them for that. I thank my brother to have allowed me chances to take care of him and love him in the best way that I could.

Easy, easy – it seems you are a bits and pieces learner?

Yes, I am. I prefer concentrating on the best that someone can give and if they are lessons for me, I thank them for that. A-ho!


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